La Luz de Candela

Muchas Gracias.

What a great adventure we had together! But we have to inform you that La Luz de Candela closes its doors permanently...

Dear Friends,

What a great adventure we lived together! What beautiful and good moments spent in our small restaurant, shared around the deliciously concocted dishes with passion in this tiny cuisine! The exchange of complicit looks, the discussions on a recipe, a wine, a joke, even two, give us shivers and wonderful memories. May be to compile in a book of recipes, photos, briefs, anecdotes? There’s plenty to do. That would be a nice end clap!

And yes, you understood well, with a heartache, however without regret because filled with wonderful memories, we inform you that La Luz de Candela is retiring...

More than a restaurant, it was our guest house. We have welcomed you with the greatest pleasure in the world. Sweden, Denmark, England, Wales Finland, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Quebec, Korea, China, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Italy, Portugal, France of course, without preference order (I forget some, tell us) you made us travel and dream too. So many laughs, good humor and mixed emotions. All this thanks to you, to us too. To all of us, actually.

Besides this adventure would not have been this one without Gaston the unavoidable, Xavi the facetious, François the crazy, Peni, Roberto, Fernando, Pablo, Veronica inside and Javi, Ricky, Ricardo, Luis, Pepe, Javier, Roberto and the others, from the outside. Many thanks to all of you.

However, Gastón reopens the restaurant El Farolito, calle Beatas, still in Málaga. Pay him a visit! He still is as pleasant, crazy and even more Argentinian as always!

As for us, it is time to leave what has been, to turn to new adventures with joy and optimism and, who knows, in a few months or years, we will embark on another Luz de Candela here or elsewhere. If you would like to be informed or just let a message to the "Contact" upper right corner link.

A last word from the bottom of our heart: gratitude!

We wish you all the best...

Charly and Mathieu